We are Illustrator 2021 compatible

We are Illustrator 2021 compatible

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The most important news our customers hear from us is that we maintain compatibility with the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator in the Creative Cloud, plus operating system updates. We are keeping the tradition of extremely swift access to the latest and greatest by issuing updates for Illustrator 2021 on the day of its release!

This follows in the very recent footsteps of the Illustrator 2020 (v24.2) updates to address breaking changes in the summer of 2020, plus macOS Big Sur compatibility before Apple's anticipated public release.

Gathering momentum in external impacting updates such as these shows one of the key benefits of the subscription model now adopted by Astute Graphics. Current members of the subscription gain instant access to this significant body of work by simply running the latest Astute Manager and updating all plugins. Simple and painless!

Installing your plugins in Illustrator 2021

Simply ensure you're using Astute Manager v2, or above, to update your plugins. If you're not sure, quickly download and install today!

  1. Ensure you have already used the Adobe Creative Cloud app to install Illustrator 2021.

  2. Quit all instances of Illustrator.

  3. Quit and reload the Astute Manager (this ensures that all new versions of Illustrator are detected and the latest plugins are made available).

  4. Open the Astute Manager window and select the new "2021 (v25.0)" Illustrator version from the drop-down window shown below.

  5. Click on the big Install All button.

  6. Once the progress is complete in the Astute Manager, start Illustrator 2021 and the plugins should be present.

What's new in Illustrator 2021

It's a relatively meagre update on the desktop with the Illustrator team's energy poured into Illustrator for the iPad.

The new Repeat function now found on the iPad is not fully supported on the desktop application. We hope and expect that to happen at some point in the future. In the meantime, if you feel neglected on the desktop, take a look at our free MirrorMe plugin which is now also 2021 compatible.

Creative functionality updates in 2021 are mainly limited to changes in the native Recolor Artwork tool. Want full color control? Be sure to check out Phantasm.

What's been updated in the plugins?

Please refer to the Astute Manager's Updates tab (menu top, left). Alternatively, you can review a complete list of changes with these plugins updates in our Technical Updates page. For those who feel a little neglected with Adobe's desktop application update, we've added some very nice extras to keep you busy. More details on these updates to be published in November.

If you missed it, less than a month ago, we also released 5-star updates. Read about them here...

Need further help?

Our extensive Support pages have plenty of articles to help. Here are direct links to a selection:

Want to boost Illustrator today?

All current subscribers will be able to instantly upgrade.

No longer a subscriber? You can check your status in the Astute Manager or your account page.

It's simple to start a 7-day trial to experience all this and more, or re-join the crowd of vector high-flyers with a single annual payment.

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