Welcome to NEW InkFlow - The drawing & lettering tool

Welcome to NEW InkFlow - The drawing & lettering tool

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Welcome to the BRAND NEW tool added to the ever growing Astute Graphics plugin suite of professional tools for Adobe Illustrator! InkFlow is the new addition, our intuitive drawing + lettering tool and 19th plugin available in the subscription.

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About InkFlow

Drawing and lettering in one tool

  • Feels like a real pen

  • Turn your stylus into a calligraphic tool

  • 100% editable in Illustrator

  • Smart point placement for clean results

InkFlow for Drawing

Ideal for vector doodles, artwork tracing and flourishes. Turn your mouse or stylus (Wacom, XP-Pen, Sidecar, etc.) into a natural and fun sketching tool.

InkFlow for Lettering

Hand lettering just got a whole lot easier in Illustrator! Pressure, Tilt and Bearing stylus controls combine to make your calligraphy work flow. Tweak shapes to perfection.

InkFlow Presets

Easy to access, realistic Ballpoint Pen, Brush Pen, Calligraphic Pen and Marker. Tweak all settings to suit your style and save your favourites as presets.

Check out all our InkFlow tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel

Core benefits are:

  • It takes three input levels from stylus devices; pressure, tilt and bearing (where available).

  • The innovative "Thin Upstrokes" option ensures mouse and trackpad users also produce strokes with "character".

  • Even when the stroke are expanded, sit back in awe as to how efficient the tool is with anchor points.

  • The expanded panel state provides just the right amount of control to professionals to make this tool their own in style and technique. Adjust how your stylus inputs, such as pressure and tilt, are represented in vector.

Locating InkFlow

  • The tool is stacked under the Shaper tool, in the same tool stack as the native Pencil and DynamicSketch.

  • The InkFlow panel is found in the Window > InkFlow menu and should appear automatically when the tool is selected.


  • Can be used with a Wacom, XP-Pen, Sidecar, Astropad, MS Surface, etc. device/stylus, or mouse/trackpad.

  • The strokes profiles are defined automatically as live Effects and appear in the Appearance panel. 

  • The panel has two states; compact and expanded (for tablet/pen users)

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