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Clean up vector documents

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Clean up vector documents – your creative pre-press!

VectorFirstAid v2 is here!

You already know what VectorfFirstAid is like… now prepare for the WOW factor all over again!

The only Adobe Illustrator plug-in you need to clean up your vector files with just the click of a button. Make your files as good as can be, removing hours of annoying technical niggles that importing artwork brings!

New features in VectorFirstAid v2 focus on text handling. The Combine Text Lines engine has been entirely revamped so that it is more useful than ever. Unoutline Text is pure magic! You'll also find convenient Alignment of Point Text (whilst keeping its position!), options to break text apart and remove text transforms (rotation and shear). So, if you use text you are really going to like this.

NEW in v2

+ Convert outlined text back to editable text in a click (installed original font required)

+ Text utility operations; Change point-text alignment, Break Text Apart, Remove Text Transforms


+ Advanced Text Combine, which now supports rotated and/or transformed type and retains kerning, tracking, super- and subscripts, indents, etc.

+ Rejoin Paths will now rejoin malformed imported paths

+ "Remove Duplicate Art" can now ignore styles and stacking order

And other greatness…

+ Optimise and simplify complex files coming from diverse sources (like apps for tablets)

+ Remove unnecessary compound paths/clipping masks

+ Reduce file size by eliminating unnecessary or redundant information.

+ Continue a design from different programs or apps; finish a job with non-standard resources

+ Recover resources from old files like EPS, PDF or non-Adobe programs

+ Better reassemble corrupt Illustrator files which had to be recovered using PDF data

+ Easily automate with native Illustrator Actions

VectorFirstAid unoutline text


Unoutline text

  • Convert outlined text to editable text.
  • Automatically re-joins text lines.
  • Requires original exact font to be present on your system — this is not an OCR process, so has the benefit of placement precision.

"Fix All" file clean-up

  • Fix all with one-click button – see the list of fixes here…
  • Magic-away the clipping mask nightmare when importing PDFs from Word, PowerPoint and all other programs.
  • Straighten imperfect artwork.
VectorFirstAid Fix All clean up of Illustrator artwork
VectorFirstAid combined broken up text lines


Advanced clean-up tools

  • Super Smart Remove Points – to ease editing and help reduce file size, including SVG exports.
  • Re-join broken paths typically found in CAD files.
  • Merge broken text lines into paragraphs, typically found with PDF imports.

Fine tune your workflow

  • Quickly use pre-defined profiles to clean-up artwork from InDesign, EPS, Image Trace and many more.
  • Create or modify profiles to suit your own workflow.
  • Batch process with Illustrator actions.
VectorFirstAid profiles: Adobe Acrobat PDF Files; Adobe Capture; Adobe Illustrator Draw; Adobe InDesign; Affinity Designer; Basic Clean Up; CAD Files; Corel Draw; Excel + Word + PowerPoint; Freehand; Generic EPS; Live Trace (Adobe Illustrator); Optimized Clean Up; Pages + Keynote + Numbers; QuarkXpress; Reduce File Size; Wacom Bamboo Spark

Never Fear! Artwork cleaned up with VectorFirstAid is perfectly readable and editable in Adobe Illustrator by non-Astute Graphics users. Clients will think you're a creative genius!

Recently-released Plug-ins

Currency converter

Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.


  • NEW! Accurately convert and recombine outlined text to editable text (requires original font to be installed)
  • NEW! Text Utility Operations; Change point-text alignment, Break Text Apart, Remove Text Transforms
  • Reveal and instantly fix many technical problems (stray points, unnecessary clip groups, unclosed paths, etc.) in either the selected art or the entire document, with adjustable parameters
  • Run checkups either manually or automatically as you work, at user-definable times
  • NEW! Automatically re-run check-ups for extra clean vectors
  • Immediately locate problem areas in a document using the panel "Show" button
  • Super Smart Removing points from selected paths
  • IMPROVED! Combine multiple point text objects — now supports rotated and/or transformed type and retains kerning, tracking, super- and subscripts, indents, etc.
  • IMPROVED! Rejoin Paths will now rejoin malformed imported paths which appear to be straight, two-anchor segments but actually consist of multiple points, and are possibly closed.
  • Replacing all missing fonts
  • All operations are actionable
  • Add list of default profiles

Checkable/Fixable Operations

  • Remove Stray Points
  • Remove Unneeded Points
  • Remove Redundant Points
  • Remove Empty Text Paths
  • Remove Unnecessary Clip Groups
  • Remove Unnecessary Groups
  • Remove Unnecessary Compound Paths
  • Remove Unpainted Paths
  • Remove Duplicate Art (Improved: now ignores styles and stacking order when determining whether two paths are duplicate)
  • Remove Off-Artboard Art
  • Remove Unused Symbols
  • Remove Unused Swatches
  • Remove Unused Graphic Styles
  • Remove Unused Artboards
  • Retract Short Handles
  • Close Barely-Open Paths
  • Close Filled Unstroked Paths
  • Align Close Points
  • Axis-Align Paths

Default Optimized Check/Fix Profiles

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Files
  • Adobe Capture
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Affinity Designer
  • Basic Clean Up
  • CAD Files
  • Corel Draw
  • Excel + Word + PowerPoint
  • Freehand
  • Generic EPS
  • Live Trace (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Optimized Clean Up
  • Pages + Keynote + Numbers
  • QuarkXpress
  • Reduce File Size
  • Wacom Bamboo Spark

Note: each default profile may be modified and new user-defined profiles created


One-click "Convenience" Operations

  • NEW! Unoutline text
  • Super Smart Remove points from paths
  • Rejoin paths which have been broken into segments
  • Combine point text objects
  • Replace all missing fonts in the document
  • Convert to Dynamic Shapes (if VectorScribe 3 is installed)

NEW! Text Utility Operations

  • Change point-text alignment (without the text moving!)
  • Break Text Apart (Lines, Words or Glyphs)
  • Remove Text Transforms (rotation and shear)

Auto Checkup Scheduling

  • When a document is opened
  • After a specific period of time has passed
  • Whenever you make a certain number of changes to the document

Profile Configuration

  • Add as many or as few operations as you need, in any order, and with custom parameters
  • Manage existing profiles by editing, deleting, and renaming them


  • NEW! Re-run checks after Fix All (optionally auto fix again for user-defined number of cycles)
  • Adjustable parameters on all operations which involve them
  • Center the document view when showing issues
  • Check and fix locked items

Using our plug-ins

Color-coded Panels
Installation, Licensing & Activation
Software Requirements

Mac OS
Illustrator CC and CS6
Mac OS 10.10+

Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6
Windows 7/8/10

The all-new VectorFirstAid v2 video series has been created by renowned industry professional (Lynda content creator and ex-Adobe specialist), Tony Harmer.

These new videos have been carefully crafted to be watched as a course. Concise and packed with real-world details, you can also view the 15 videos in the VectorFirstAid v2 YouTube Playlist.

Using VectorFirstAid

1 review for VectorFirstAid v2

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This thing is just incredible and at the climax of usefulness. Removing all kinds of unwanted points and text clutter from PDFs, rejoining and re-alining point text (in place!), joining segmented paths, removing unwanted clipping groups – you name it. VFA is an absolute must-have and daily delight for the Illustrator user. And on top of it all, un-outlining text – what a brilliant feature. This is the plugin that saves hours and frustration day by day. Top recommendation!

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