Compatibility with Illustrator 2020 (v24.2)

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-06-30

The following only applies if you installed our Annual Service Plan plugins before Monday, 22 June 2020. If you have installed our plugins since this date, you already have full compatibility.

Customers of legacy plugins purchased prior to 14 September 2019 are not Illustrator v24 compatible.

The latest version of Illustrator 2020 (v24.2) has a number of new features, among them:

  • Large Canvas
  • New units of measurement
  • Cloud Documents

If you installed our plugins before this latest Illustrator release, you will need to take the following steps in order to ensure full compatibility with these new features. The process will take just a few minutes:

1. Quit Illustrator

2. Load the Astute Manager

3. Click on Uninstall All plugins:

4. Go to the Astute Manager Settings:

5. Click RESET ALL Ai

6. Click SAVE

7. Click on the HOME button

8. Click on Install All plugins:

9. When the installation is complete (scroll down to check that all plugins have installed) reopen Illustrator

10. You are now compatible

In the event that this hasn’t worked for you, please repeat this process again, but between steps 3 & 4 Quit & Restart Astute Manager.

Following  an extensive testing period, Astute Graphics also strongly recommends that all users delete the Adobe Illustrator 24 Settings folder to better avoid native application issues. Details on how to do this may be found here.

When deleting the Illustrator settings folder, please note that you can restore previous settings. To do so, you will need to ensure that you first make a backup of the Adobe Illustrator (version) Settings folder before deleting. As long as you do this, you can always return to your previous settings however, you may find that issues reoccur in Illustrator.


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