What is a Team Owner

4 minute read • Last updated 2021-07-01

If you are an individual customer, you will not need to be a Team Owner. You would only request to be the Team Owner of an account if:

  • You are a Reseller wishing to purchase multiple licenses for clients

  • You are a Business Admin wishing to purchase 1 or multiple licenses for your colleagues/employees

For Businesses - even if you want only 1 license at present, if it's possible that you may purchase more for your employees/colleagues in the future, it is essential that you still request for us to make you a Team Owner before purchasing.
Requesting to be made a Team Owner doesn’t cost additional money, but it will ensure that you have the option to purchase multiple licenses and manage them all from one account in the future if you so wish.
Please see instructions on becoming a Team Owner at the bottom of this article.

The Team Owner is the person who manages an account with multiple licenses.

The Team Owner has teams. Each team is made up of Team Members who use the plugins as part of that team. A Team can consist of just one member or thousands.

The Team Owner can have and manage limitless multiple teams (clients or colleagues) on one account and can purchase, allocate, revoke and reallocate the licenses as they wish.

The Team Owner can also (if they so wish) make one of the Team Members within each team a Team Leader. A Team Leader can also revoke and reallocate licenses in the team however, they cannot make purchases or manage multiple teams.

The Team Owner can demote someone from Team Leader back to Team Member at any time.

Team Licensing permissions:

·       Team Owner (Manager of the account and of multiple teams on that account) – Purchasing and managing multiple teams • Naming their teams and allocating licenses by inviting team members • Revoking licenses e.g. when someone leaves the company • Reallocating licenses • Renewing/Extending teams • Adding additional seats to a Team Pro rata • Making someone a Team Leader • Revoking Team Leader Status • Making themselves a Team Member so that they also have a license on that team.

·       Team Leader (Member and Admin of team) - Use of allocated license within a team • Allocating licenses by inviting new team members • Revoking licenses e.g. when someone leaves the company • Reallocating licenses • Does not have purchasing permissions or access to payment information. 

·       Team Member (Member the team) - Use of allocated license within a team • Does not have purchasing permissions or access to payment information.

How to become a Team Owner

  • Sign up for the Free Trial with an email address that isn’t already subscribed to an active subscription

  • Once signed up to the Free Trial, contact us with the account email address

  • We will give this account Team Owner permissions and reply with confirmation

  • You are then ready to purchase your team licenses and follow the guide to allocate them to your team