Discovering and installing Annual Service Plan plugin updates

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-06-08

Astute Graphics have a fantastic roadmap for all Annual Service Plan customers. It projects our major new releases.

However, many more minor updates are also going to appear on a regular basis. Click here to see our list of updates since the initial Annual Service Plan release, mid-September 2019.

So, how does an Annual Service Plan customer immediately benefit from these new features?

Firstly, ensure you have the latest Astute Manager installed and your logged-in. Learn more about how to use the Astute Manager.

New Annual Service Plan users

If you're sampling the Annual Service Plan for the first time, simply select Install Plugins at the top of the Astute Manager window.

Current Annual Service Plan customers

If you have previously installed the Annual Service Plan plugins, you should see the Astute Manager menu bar icon (macOS) or task tray (Windows) indicate updates are available with a small red dot in the app icon as shown below:

Open the Astute Manager main window and you will have the option to Update Plugins:

Ensure all instances of Adobe Illustrator have been quit and click on the Update Plugins button to install all latest plugins.

Restart Illustrator and you’re done!


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