Create a logo with your free plugins MirrorMe, DirectPrefs + Autosaviour!

Create a logo with your free plugins MirrorMe, DirectPrefs + Autosaviour!

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When you sign up for a 7 day free trial you get access to 4 free plugins from Astute Graphics. We've created this short introduction to show you how you can make simple logos with these FREE plugins for Adobe Illustrator.

Mirror objects:

🦋 Select the object you’d like to mirror

🦋 Select the MirrorMe tool from the tool bar

🦋 Drag it into place and click to apply

🦋 Click Apply to Selection

Type at an angle:

📐 In the DirectPrefs panel select the Constrain angle value

📐 Enter your angle and press OK

📐 Drag out a type box

Autosave your work:

⏱ Have Autosaviour running

⏱ Click Settings to change the time intervals

⏱ Autosave your work in the background

⏱ Countdown clock shows last save and next save

Learn about shortcuts:

🤖 The AstuteBuddy plugin is different as it provides on-screen live key shortcuts

🤖 Works with all Astute Graphics tools located in the toolbox

🤖 Describes exactly what the currently active tool does

🤖 Allows you to discover hidden features and work faster in Illustrator


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