How to download and use Brush Sets in Illustrator

How to download and use Brush Sets in Illustrator

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One of the great benefits of working with the best designers and illustrators in the industry is that you can collaborate with them! Friend of the "family", Von Glitschka, developed an exclusive set of brushes for all our Astute Graphics annual subscription customers (read more about that here). In this quick tip tutorial we're going to show you how to use these brushes with DynamicSketch.

How to download and import Brush Sets

  • This exclusive Glitschka Studio Brush Set is available to download from your Astute Manager, or from your account page.

  • Download the Brush Set and unzip the file.

  • Open your Adobe Illustrator.

  • To import the brushes, open the Brushes panel inside Illustrator. To find it, navigate to Window > Brushes.

  • Click the Brushes Libraries Menu button in the bottom left, and select Open Library...

  • Select the Brush Set Illustrator file you just downloaded from your account.

  • A new Brush Set Window will open with previews of your new brushes. Each time you select one it will be added to your main Brushes Panel.

Using your Glitschka Studio Brush Set

  • Select one of your Glitschka Studio brushes from the Brush Window.

  • Open up DynamicSketch Panel by navigating to Window > Astute Graphics > DynamicSketch.

  • Click inside the panel to activate the tool.

  • As you draw with DynamicSketch, the brush will be applied.

  • To swap a brush, make sure your path is selected, and click a different brush from the panel.


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