How to find keypresses with AstuteBuddy

How to find keypresses with AstuteBuddy

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Can’t bear to use Illustrator without plugins? We hear you, especially with our trusted AstuteBuddy plugin. Astute Buddy is FREE when you sign up for a trial.

Here's a quick guide to how it can help you...

☀️ When using any of the Astute Graphics plugins, the AstuteBuddy panel will give context-sensitive tips on how to work faster and discover new functions.

☀️ Not sure how to get the best out of the tool you have selected? The AstuteBuddy panel describes what the currently active tool does and reminds you of keypresses you may have forgotten about!

☀️ Here we’re using the perpendicular line tool to create this sunburst effect in the background. AstuteBuddy made it nice and easy!


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