How to separate out spot colors for screen printers

How to separate out spot colors for screen printers

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Calling all T-shirt Designers! Read this short how to guide on using our Adobe Illustrator plugin InkQuest to separate out spot colors, perfect for screen printing!

  • To open the InkQuest panel navigate to Window > Astute Graphics > InkQuest Separations

  • Click the Generate Separations button (if the button is disabled check your Document color mode is set to CMYK)

  • The Separations window will now display the Process Plates and Spot Colors

  • Click the view dots to turn off and on the plates

  • Alt/opt click the view dot to swap between separation plates

  • InkQuest will display the separates in black to show finer detail

  • Release the separations and see all the individual layers ready for printing

  • You can also add Printer's Marks including Trim, Registration and Color Bars


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