Mirror artwork in Illustrator

Mirror artwork in Illustrator

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Mirror your artwork instantly on one single or multiple reflective axes (up to 72). This will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow. Draw faces / characters / patterns / fractal and kaleidoscope effects with simplicity and have fun while you work. Recycle your existing artwork elements into exciting new designs and patterns within seconds. See the transformation right before your eyes!

Select the object you want to mirror

Click the MirrorMe tool in the tool bar

Drag out your symmetry axes

To increase/decrease the number of axes use the square brackets [ ]

Turn on theTrim and Join Path option in the MirrorMe panelif you'd like your shape to become auto-join

Click the mouse to set your centre symmetry point

Before you release the mouse, carefully move the cursor around to change the angle, or hold the Shift key to constrain the angle

In the popup window, selectApply to Selection

You can now set up a second mirror axes to repeat the objects again around your artboard


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