Creating multidimensional art with MirrorMe

Creating multidimensional art with MirrorMe

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Adrian Rasmussen's laser cut multidimensional wood creations fuse technology, symbolism and spirituality. Here Adrian takes some time out to explain to us how Astute Graphics plugins have enabled him to bridge the gap between logical computer design and free and playful creativity.

Over the years I’ve explored many different forms of creativity. I’ve played the roles of a clothing designer, gallery owner, jeweller, space creator, graphic/web designer and artist. Then one day I was asked to do some laser cutting for a client. I ran some numbers, contacted a few friends and we invested in our first laser cutter.

I quickly discovered laser cutting combined all my previous skills into something completely new, Multidimensional Art. I have four laser cutters which are used in the cutting then painting of each layer. My main plugins are MirrorMeDynamicSketchVectorFirstAid, and VectorScribe, but I also use several others on occasion.

I’ve always felt there was a disconnect between precise logical computer work, and the more fun, playful, creative and hands on artwork. I’ve been working on creating a workflow that feels more integrated and creative. When I found the Astute Graphics Suite and combined it with the ability to be on the road and draw quickly and precisely on the screen with my Hp Zbook X2, I found my creative work flow. Now the disconnect is gone and I feel like I’m creating art and enjoying the process every step of the way.

The plugins allow me to create things that would otherwise not be possible in half the time. They really helps me to stay focused on the results rather than the process. I no longer think of how I’m going to create, I just let it flow. The only downside is that I find these tools so useful, I’d have a hard time working without them now. Good thing I don’t have to.

I still love MirrorMe and there are many more that I use a lot. I've purchased almost the whole set and they are now a key part of my toolkit.

Adrien Rasmussen

Adrian Rasmussen (AKA Technician of the Sacred) is a Californian Multidimensional Artist who shares a balance of spirit and technology through his art. Adrian has explored many different forms of creativity, with past roles as a clothing designer, gallery owner and Graphic/Web Designer among other things. Currently residing between Bali, Thailand and his USA hometown of Santa Cruz, his cut wood creations are inspired by symbols, understandings and ancient tales.

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