Mid-November 2021 updates

Mid-November 2021 updates

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With four plugins updated this month, we have a selection of exciting new creative features, improvements and bug fixes.

Highlights include improved text control with VectorFirstAid (break text at selection and better alignment for multi-line point text) and Delaunay triangulations with VectorScribe.

You can refer to our Technical Update page for full details on all changes. The three main improvements each have videos to demonstrate these functions not only technically, but also their creative possibilities.

Stylism v3.3.5 - AG Architect extra control

When creating AG Architect extensions that only appear at a certain angle, you can now specify whether the 180-opposed angle is to be considered the same or not.

VectorFirstAid v3.9.3 - extra text control

The VectorFirstAid plugin for Adobe Illustrator CC has received an update, bringing the following features:

  1. New feature: Text objects may now be broken at either the position of the text insertion point or, if some of the text is selected, at the starting and ending positions of the text selection.

  2. Improvement: Point text that has multiple lines (and not just a single line) may now have its alignment changed. When doing so, the longest line in the text object is kept fixed in position.

VectorScribe v4.7.3 - Delaunay triangulation

VectorScribe's new functionality brings Delaunay triangulation to Adobe Illustrator CC users! Created from the anchor points of any selected paths using the new PathScribe panel flyout menu item, Delaunay Triangulate...

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