How do I add extra seats to an existing active Team?

3 minute read • Last updated 2024-06-12

Team Owners have the option to add additional seats to an existing team at any time at a pro-rata rate. This option will disappear from a team 30 days before the expiry when a team is approaching its renewal date. After this time, if you wish to add more seats you will need to wait 14 days for the “Extend” option to appear next to your team.

If you add seats pro-rata to a team, the additional licenses will auto-renew (or expire) on the date that the existing team licenses were set to.

Please note that it’s not possible to add additional seats if you have cancelled auto-renewal of the team. If you have done this, you will need to instead begin a new team.

To add seats:

  • Log in to your Team Owner account.

  • Select Teams from the left hand side of the dashboard.

  • Click “Manage" next to the team that you want to add seats to.

  • Here you will see the option to “+Add extra seats”, select this.

  • (Please note, for any expired teams or those approaching expiry you will see the “Extend license for another 12 months” option - if you see this, please select this option instead, then add additional seats as part of that process).

  • Beneath “Select the total number of seats required for this team”, you will see the current number of seats. You should now click the (+) button to add additional seats. You can add as many additional licenses as you wish.

  • Select the number of additional seats and opt to “Calculate Price”. For however many additional licenses you add, you will be charged the cost of those licenses only for the days that remain before the entire team expires (at which point you’ll be invited to renew).

  • If you are happy with the price, select the “Pay” button.

  • You will receive a notification that the number of seats has been updated and your payment method has been charged. Your receipt will be available within your account shortly afterwards.

  • You are now free to invite the new team members to the team.