How do I add extra seats to an existing active Team?

2 minute read • Last updated 2022-09-27

Team Owners have the option to add additional seats to an existing team at any time pro rata . This option will disappear from a team 30 days before the expiry when a team is approaching its renewal date. After this time, if you wish to add more seats you will need to wait 14 days for the “Extend” option to appear next to your team.

To add seats:

  • Click “Add seats"

  • (Please note, for any expired teams or those approaching expiry you may also see an “Extend license” option - if you see this for the team that you wish to add seats to, please select “Extend license” instead and then add an additional seat as part of that process ).

  • For however many additional licenses you add, you will be charged the cost of that license only for the remaining days before the entire team expires (at which point you’ll be invited to renew)

  • In the screenshot below for example, the customer has added 1 additional team member, and because there are only 134 days remaining for the active team, this 1 license will cost less than the usual price

  • You can add as many additional licenses as you wish

  • Next, when you are sure that you have selected the correct number of additional seats, select “Continue to payment

  • You will then be prompted to enter your card details and click the “Pay” button