Unique Vector Design Technology SDK + Application Chassis.
Available for licensing for desktop, mobile and web products, services and solutions.

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Astui SDK

The Astui SDK is made of key vector design technologies that can be used flexibly as building blocks for apps and workflows.


Astui can be added locally on desktop and mobile operating system. Alternatively, we also demonstrate access via a Web API.

Chassis application tech

Bypass many years of planning and development and gain access to a very powerful foundation for your software product.

Applying the Magic

Are you interested in powering your tools with Astute Graphics’ technology? Leapfrog many years of development time and gain instant access to Astute Graphics’ “know how”. Simply contact us for more information, licensing opportunities and more…

Note: these technologies may form the basis of new Astute Graphics tools and approaches to the vector design workflow in the future. Please stay informed using our social feeds at the very foot of this page and blog posts.

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