Add waves, grids, zig-zags strokes and more in Illustrator

Add waves, grids, zig-zags strokes and more in Illustrator

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The Width Stamp Tool (part of the WidthScribe Plugin) gives you the power to apply eye-catching prefaces to any design! Using graph control and editing modes, you can create some unique artwork by customising line widths and dashes with complete control over the stamp pattern!

You can select from 8 preset stamps!

☕ Half grid
☕ Grid
☕ Waves
☕ Zigzag
☕ Concentric Circles
☕ Concentric Squares
☕ Circular Spiral
☕ Square Spiral

To apply any of these presets:

☕ Open the Width Stamp Panel (Window > Astute Graphics > Width Stamp)

☕ Select your vector shape

☕ Press the Make with Preset button in the panel

☕ Change between different presets using the dropdown menu

☕ Adjust the spacing, frequency, stroke weight and more in the intuitive panel


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