Avoid bezier handles in Illustrator

Avoid bezier handles in Illustrator

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The Reform Plugin allows you to sculpt your paths and avoid bezier handles. You can save your Reform profiles before you apply them to your path, reducing your design time! In this quick tip we’re going to show you how to save a Reform profile and then apply it to another shape on your artboard to create a mirror image:

🕶 Click inside the Reform Panel to activate the tool.

🕶 Hover over the path to find the shape you want to manipulate.

🕶 Click-and-drag the offset markers to sculpt your path.

🕶 Before you apply it, head to the Reform Flyout menu and click Save profile > give it a name > click Save.

🕶 Go to your next shape and drag out an offset marker with the Reform tool.

🕶 Move your start and end points to where you’d like the profile to sit between.

🕶 Go back to the Reform Flyout menu and click the saved profile you just made.

🕶 To mirror the profile you just made, click the Mirror Offset Value button in the Reform panel to swap the offset markers +/- values.

🕶 When you’re happy click Apply to confirm the changes.


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