Creating Art Deco borders with Reprofile

Creating Art Deco borders with Reprofile

1 minute read

We’re going to use some of the profiles available in the Art Deco Profile pack to create an Art Deco border in just a few clicks. The Reprofile tool is part of the Reform Plugin and it allows you to apply repeating profiles to any shape in Illustrator. The Art Deco Profile Pack is available for subscribers to download inside their Astute Manager.

  • Create a rectangle where you want your border to be.

  • Click inside the Reprofile Panel to activate the tool.

  • In the Category dropdown, select Art Deco.

  • Select a profile.

  • As you hover over your path, hold down Alt (mac) / Option (Windows) to enter looped mode, and drag out your profile.

  • Release the mouse and click the Use Defaults button in the panel.

  • We recommend always using the Use Defaults with downloaded profiles as these have been optimised for most shapes.

  • The corner types available are square, rounded, mitred and mirrored.

  • The Corner Break option turns on/off the profile repeating around sharp edges.

  • When you’re happy, click Apply.

  • It will be outputted as a compound path so you can swap the fill and stroke if you wish (Shift + X).

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