How to convert vector art into textures

How to convert vector art into textures

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Convert your own vector art into textures with the Texturino plugin.

🍃 Select your vector texture

🍃 Head up to Object > Rasterize…

🍃 Choose to convert as RGB or Greyscale

🍃 Enable transparent background and a high resolution, click OK

🍃 Open the Texture panel (Window > Astute Graphics > Texture)

🍃 Use the Flyout menu in the panel > Convert Raster Art to Texture…

🍃 The texture manager will open: You can rename your file, adjust the default blending mode, and select wether it’s a repeating texture.

🍃 To apply this texture: Locate your new texture in the Texture Panel dropdown

🍃 Select your art and click the big Plus icon

🍃 Use the UI widget to adjust the scale, rotation, opacity and blending mode


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