How to create a stipple overlay in Adobe Illustrator

How to create a stipple overlay in Adobe Illustrator

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Instantly apply a non-destructive stipple live effect to any new or old artwork including vector and text with the Stipplism plugin.

How to create a stipple overlay with Stipplism:

🍁 Select the object you’d like to add a stipple effect to.

🍁 Duplicate the object exactly on top of the other with ⌘ / Ctrl + C (copy) then ⌘ / Ctrl + F (Paste in Front).

🍁 With the top object selected navigate up to Effect > Stipplism > Stipple…

🍁 In the Stipple popup window, change the color of the stipples by clicking inside the color picker box.

🍁 Reduce the size of the dots in the Size field.

🍁 Click on Preview check box to preview you Stipple Effect (this may take a little processing time if you’re making 1,000s of stipples).

🍁 Adjust the overall density in the top Density percentage field.

🍁 You can also reduce the Roundness of the Stipples (1 lowest, 100 roundest), and improve the level of Detail in the dropdown.

🍁 When you’re happy you can click OK to save the Effect.

🍁 To go back to the Stipple Window and adjust the settings, with your object selected, navigate to the Appearance Window and click on Stipple...


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