Make a 3D roller disco ball in Illustrator

Make a 3D roller disco ball in Illustrator

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How to make a roller disco ball in Illustrator...

Make a grid:
🪩Draw out a square and give it a fill color, then head up to Object > Path > Split Into Grid…
🪩Give it 10 rows, 10 columns and a small gutter between them (ensure the final grid will output as squares)
🪩Click OK to confirm
🪩Group the square grid together.

Randomly color change the grid:
🪩Open the Randomino Panel (Window > Astute Graphics > Randomino)
🪩Select Color in the top dropdown menu and choose from a range of colors, or from a list of colors.
🪩When adding a list of colors, you can add from your swatches or from the selected artwork.
🪩The bottom preview window will show the randomised colors you have chosen.
🪩Click the Randomise button to cycle through randomisations.

To make the disco ball:
🪩Drag your finished grid into the Symbols panel and give it a name.
🪩Draw out a circle and give it the same fill color as your background.
🪩Open the 3D Effects Panel (Effect > 3D and Materials > Inflate…)
🪩In the Materials tab of the panel select your recently saved symbol grid.
🪩In the Lighting tab change to Diffuse lighting preset.
🪩Now you can continue to edit the lighting and scale or your 3D ball as you wish.


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