Super easy zig-zag shapes in Illustrator

Super easy zig-zag shapes in Illustrator

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Reshape vector paths quickly with the Reprofile Tool (part of the Reform plugin). We’ve transferred this ellipse into a zip zag vector path in just a few seconds, here’s how to do it:

🐒 Draw out your ellipse path

🐒 Open the Reprofile Panel (Window > Astute Graphics > Reprofile)

🐒 Click inside the panel to activate the tool

🐒 Select the Zig-zag stitch profile from the Samples Category

🐒 Hover over to target your path

🐒 Hold down the Alt / Option key and drag out the zig-zag profile to your desired height

🐒 Use the panel to alter the repeat to bring them closer or further apart (the lower the number, the more frequently the profile will be repeated)

🐒 Click the Apply button in the panel, or Enter / Return on the keypad to confirm the profile changes

🐒 To discard that profile click the Reset button in the panel


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