The quick and easy randomizing tool for Illustrator

The quick and easy randomizing tool for Illustrator

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Introducing the Randomini Tool, part of the new Randomino plugin. This tool is your quick start to randomising objects in Illustrator. The Randomini Tool is the dice shaped icon in the Toolbar. Selecting it will bring up the classic Astute Graphics UI where each arm has a different purpose.

Here’s how you can use the tool for quick and easy randomizing in Adobe Illustrator:


You can randomise the scale at a percentage of the original, and the live preview will give you a guide to what will change.


This will randomise the position of your objects up to the maximum value selected. You can hold down the Shift key to keep it to a whole value, and the live preview will continuously change as you randomise


You can rotate the objects from zero to the value shown in the dialogue box. If you have multiple items selected which are not grouped, they will each individually rotate around themselves.


You can also randomise the hue by simply clicking the color box. The color randomization is a random walk around the 360 degree color hue.


To apply these changes you can hit the Apply button, or hit Enter/Return on the keypad.

To reset to defaults, double click the centre white marker.


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