Astute Graphics plugins now M1 native

Astute Graphics plugins now M1 native

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Update: 14 February 2022

The Astute Manager version 3 is now also macOS Universal, allowing the software to run natively on Intel and M1 hardware.

Plugins and M1

We're really pleased to announce the release of Apple macOS universal M1 and Intel updates to all our plugins. These are now available for all subscribers via the Astute Manager.

Apple's recent change to its own M1 chipset brings a new era of lower power consumption (ie. longer battery life), yet faster processors. Apple had done a great job to ensure that "legacy" software which operates on Intel hardware could continue to run seamlessly using the new M1 computers, including Astute Graphics plugins when Illustrator was run in the Rosetta emulation mode. Read more about this on our M1 support page.

With the release of our latest plugins updates, it's now possible to run Adobe Illustrator 2021 (v25.3 and above) natively on M1 computers. This will unlock the maximum speed benefits for all customers of Apple's latest hardware.

Our engineers have worked very hard to bring these updates to users as soon as possible. They have also, cleverly, ensured that the latest plugins are universal, meaning the same macOS plugin can run on both Intel and M1 hardware seamlessly.

How to install updates

Updating your plugins is very easy using the Astute Manager. For instructions, please visit our support page.

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