NEW InkFlow Graphic Styles

NEW InkFlow Graphic Styles

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As part of our ongoing commitment to our subscribers we like to deliver useable creative assets for our wonderful customers to use in Adobe Illustrator. We have already delivered some amazing brush packs made by Von Glitschka, some resources from Retro Supply, a whole load of textures made by our very own team and also some cool graphic styles which include many of our creative tools. Today we give you a new set of FREE graphic styles made by our very own Carlos Garro, the InkFlow Ink Simulation Graphic Styles.


A unique set of 16 styles created using InkFlow for you to download (from either your account page on the website or via your Astute Manager) and simply apply to your artwork. These are only for our paid subscribers (not trial) and only work with the InkFlow tool.

Styles included are:
Cheap Biro Pen
Brown Indian Ink
Inverse Beer Can Pen
Ecoline Simulator
Grafitti Confetti
Highlander Highlighter
Silver Wolf
Mini Fork Pen
Multicolor Biro Loco
Multifork Pen
Yellow Accent
Double Line and Splash
Pinky Marker
Thin Dark Blue
Galaxy Trail

Once applied you can still continue to make changes, make sure you also have the appearance panel open as some of these have additional effects applied.

As with any Astute Graphics tool available to subscribers and those in the free 7-day trial period, experimentation leads to exciting new possibilities. We would love to see how you use these new and creative effects in your own artwork! Share your work on Instagram or Twitter and use #astutegraphics. We'll be happy to share your work.

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