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Learn more with Lynda.comSeize the opportunity to expand your knowledge and boost creativity beyond previous limits. With an entire series of training videos focusing on maximising the use of your Astute Graphics plug-ins there is nothing to stand in the way of realising your ultimate potential. expertly demonstrates the basics, and the complexities, of working in Adobe Illustrator with our plug-in enhancements so that you may develop and progress as a designer.

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Mike Rankin

Up and Running with Astute Graphics for Illustrator with Mike RankinTogether with Mike Rankin has created the all NEW series of training videos on Astute Graphics plug-ins. With his years of expertise and experience, as editor of, he has succeeded in producing an invaluable resource for the Astute Graphics user. Mike manages to demonstrate the awesome creative potential of the tools while allowing them to remain accessible to designers of all skill levels. Whether you have just discovered your Astute Graphics plug-in's, or are an experienced user, you will be able to discover new and exciting techniques that stretch your personal boundaries of design.


Von Glitschka

Drawing Vector Graphics with Von GlitschkaVon Glitschka is one of THE vector designers and shares his experience in many ways, including his Vector Basic Training book and through his series. Whether you are an experienced designer looking for inspiration, or are just starting your journey into the creative world of vector art, Von's series has something to spark your interest. Von demonstrates exciting ways that an individual can use Adobe Illustrator in a real-life workflow while instinctively incorporating Astute Graphics plug-in's to aid in his design process.


Drawing Vector Graphics: Patterns with Von Glitschka




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