InkFlow InkFlow

Drawing + lettering in one tool

  • Feels like a real pen
  • Turn your stylus into a calligraphic tool
  • 100% editable in Illustrator
  • Smart point placement for clean results

All 19 plugins and a year of updates.

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Ideal for vector doodles, artwork tracing and flourishes. Turn your mouse or stylus (Wacom, XP-Pen, Sidecar, etc.) into a natural and fun sketching tool.


Hand lettering just got a whole lot easier in Illustrator! Pressure, Tilt and Bearing stylus controls combine to make your calligraphy work flow. Tweak shapes to perfection.


Easy to access, realistic Ballpoint Pen, Brush Pen, Calligraphic Pen and Marker. Tweak all settings to suit your style and save your favourites as presets.

How you can get started

We are Illustrator 2021 compatible

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5 Star Updates

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Watch and Learn 

Get to grips with InkFlow, the new all-in-one drawing and lettering tool. In this video series we will demonstrate how InkFlow is intuitive, fun, fully controllable and feels as smooth as if you were using a pen! 

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$119 per year. Subscribe now »
+ VAT where applicable

InkFlow technical specifications


  • Sketch with full control over pen tip size, roundness, and angle
  • Sketch with ability to make upstrokes thinner like a real pen
  • Factory presets simulate ballpoint, brush, calligraphic, and marker pens
  • Store and recall user-defined pens
  • Works with mouse, trackpad, Wacom, Surface Pro and all other input devices
  • Current pen characteristics are previewed on panel
  • Stroke previewed in real-time
  • User-defined pulled cursor "string" length for smoother strokes
  • Customizable pressure-size and tilt-roundness feedback curves
  • Live Effect implementation allows for pen or path adjustments post-creation as well as ability to save as Graphic Style
  • Resultant expanded strokes have optimized point placement