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Vector Editing, Shapes, Corners and Measurements

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Edit Points, Paths + Handles
Create Shapes + Corners

VectorScribe is a plug-in that seamlessly integrates into Adobe Illustrator. Made up of a diverse range of our most useful tools it holds the record as our most popular plug-in.

Think of it like a vector Swiss army knife that helps you edit vectors, create shapes, corners and measurements.

Learn everything there is to know about VectorScribe v3 in just 90 minutes with expert video tutorials as well as our detailed written tutorials.

Points, Paths + Handles

Point Removal

Effortlessly reduce file size and make artwork easier to edit by removing excess points, using our three dedicated tools. Either let the Smart Removal Brush automatically remove points with a pressure sensitive brush action, or use the PathScribe panel to Smart Remove Selected Points or Remove Duplicate Points. Both intelligently remove points with one press of a button whilst working hard to maintain the path shape.

Checkout our most popular blog post: 9 Ways to Reduce File Size

VectorScribe v3 - Smart point removal
VectorScribe v3 - Extend Path and Reposition Point Tools

Extend Paths / Reposition Points (new)

Highly requested from designers, the Reposition Point Tool allows you to slide a point along a path whilst working to maintain the path shape, with annotations to show you the optimal clockwork point placement.

Another favorite particularly with typographers, fashion designers and technical illustrators is the Extend Path Tool, which allows designers to extend or trim paths to exact lengths or intersections.

These stand alone tools both work in the same way, simply click 'n drag your chosen point.

Path Editing + The Clockwork Method

Easily accessible via the PathScribe panel, accomplish difficult vector editing with ease. Many of these features are perfect for those who use the Clockwork Method.

Points + Paths
  • Easily Reshape Paths by Dragging [Ghost Handles]
  • Auto/Manually Move/Add Points to Tangencies [clockwork method]
  • Add Points to Paths with specific spacing
  • Split/Close/Reverse Paths
  • Connect a Curve to a Straight Line Smoothly [Connector Mode]
  • Change Between Smooth + Corner Points
  • Show + Select Handles on Selected Paths
  • Select Opposite Handles
  • Edit Single/Multiple Handles
  • Retract/Swap Handles
  • Copy + Paste Handles
VectorScribe v3 - Multiple handle editing and clockwise point placement

Shapes + Corners

VectorScribe v3 - Dynamic Shapes

Create + Edit Shapes

Use one tool to create a wide range of shapes from squares, gears to hearts. Enter specific values into the Dynamic Shapes panel or simply click 'n drag the shape annotations to edit segments and sides, true shape origin, height, width and diameter, corner radius and slice angles.

Compatible with text areas, clipping masks, within Live Paint artwork and can have live Effects applied to them whilst remaining dynamic. One press of a button converts all basic geometric shapes to/from dynamic.

Apply Corners

Apply and edit corners interactively on any path or dynamic shape or even apply to straight and curve path segments (dynamic or not). With Dynamic Corners being its own tool you have maximum control over which corners to edit. To make changes either click n'drag the annotations or enter values in the panel.

Corner types: standard rounded, negative and chamfered

VectorScribe v3 - Dynamic Corners


VectorScribe v3 - Dynamic Measure

Dynamic Measurements

Ideal for fashion designers, cartographers and technical illustrators the Dynamic Measure Tool allows quick and accurate measurements, with the option to convert into artwork.

All measurements from simple lengths, angles and path area to distances along path remain dynamic, removing any guesswork and tedious calculations.

Not yet ready to upgrade to v3?

Any VectorScribe v2 customers who do not wish to upgrade to VectorScribe v3 at present, can still download our latest free plug-in DirectPrefs. However, you will need to untick VectorScribe on the installer (as shown right) to ensure that version 2 remains available in Illustrator.

Untick VectorScribe when installing

Cheat Sheet

Never forget a shortcut again with this handy printable cheat sheet for VectorScribe v3!


Never Fear! Artwork created with our tools is perfectly readable and editable in Adobe Illustrator by non-Astute Graphics users. Clients will think you've spent hours labouring over that skilful design!

Example Artwork

The artwork below was created using VectorScribe.

Recently-released Plug-ins

Currency converter

Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.

VectorScribe Tools

New functionality added to VectorScribe v3 is marked with NEW.

NEW: Reposition Point Tool
  • Move any selected point(s) along path to reposition
  • Snap to Tangencies (with override option)
  • Preview of potential path distortion
  • Add or Smart Remove points direct in tool
  • Marquee-select point(s)
Improved: PathScribe
  • Improved panel access for v3:
    • Move selected Points to Tangencies
    • Add points to selected segments providing full control and options
    • Reverse path direction
    • Redundant Point control
    • Smart Smooth points
  • Ghost Handles for quick and easy change from straight to curved segments
  • Smart Smooth for automatically changing points to smooth status
  • Drag any line or curve segment intuitively
  • Smart remove selected points retaining the shape where possible
  • Connector points – lock curve handle angles to joining straight segments
  • Single-click conversion of single curve segments to straight lines
  • Highlight, automatically or manually remove redundant points
  • Easy selection/display of all points/handles
  • Manipulate curve segment handles simultaneously
  • Split all selected segments simultaneously
  • Close path with option to keep end handles
  • Extensive customisation through preferences
  • NEW: Automatically display PathScribe Panel for first time tool use
  • NEW: Additional PathScribe Panel configuration allowing user to show/hide additional v3 button row, numeric point/handle controls, Path Control area
Improved: Dynamic Shapes
  • Create and detect standard shapes interactively
  • Dynamic geometric shape types: Square / Circle / Rectangle / Ellipse / Polygon / Star / Donut
  • NEW: Dynamic creative shape types: Arrow / Cloud / Crescent / Cross / Gear / Heart / Speech Bubble
  • Convert non-dynamic geometric shapes into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
  • Easy editing of rectangles by click-dragging edges
  • Rounded corners / chamfers may be applied at each corner or individually
  • Each shape may be open or closed slices providing arcs and further shapes
  • Set transformation origin using 9-block defaults or arbitrarily
  • Expansion of shapes not required for editing outside tool
  • Interactive and numeric control
  • Dynamic shapes can also be used for text areas, image clipping masks, Live Paint, etc.
  • "Select > Dynamic Shape" menu selection method
Dynamic Corners
  • Apply and detect corners interactively to any path or shape
  • Corner types: Rounded / Negative rounded / Chamfer
  • Methods: True (accurate radius) / Standard (Adobe method)
  • Apply to straight and curve (Bézier) path segments
  • Apply to one or more points simultaneously
  • Convert non-dynamic rounded corners into dynamic interactively, by selection or all artwork
  • Convert Adobe's round corner live Effect to Dynamic
  • Select similar radius corners
  • Expansion of corners not required for editing outside tool
Smart Remove Brush Tool
  • Interactively smart remove excessive points in selected paths
  • Variable brush size
  • Pressure-sensitive control with a graphic tablet
  • Tolerance level to automate process
  • Protect selected points
Extend Path Tool
  • Quickly and interactively extend or trim any path
  • Bezier curve extension methods: Single, Constant Radius, Straight, Spiral
  • Reverse curvature of constant radius extension
  • Snap to intersecting path on extend and trim
  • Constrain length by multiples (total path length or change in length)
  • Display lengths whilst editing (absolute or percentage)
Improved: Dynamic Measure
  • NEW: Hover measure closed path area
  • Measure anywhere on your artwork
  • Toggle following information: distance/ angle/ change in horizontal/vertical distance/ distance along path
  • Scaling factor
  • Units of measurement
  • Hover-measure information including: distance along path/ tangent angles/ radius of curve at any point
  • Draw curve normals
  • Extensive customisation through preferences
  • Use standard Illustrator arrow-heads instead of fixed

Note: the Protractor Panel which was part of previous versions of VectorScribe has now been removed. All Protractor functionality may now be found in the new separate and completely free plug-in DirectPrefs which has added control over Keyboard Increment step distance, grids and guides.

Using our plug-ins

Installation, Licensing & Activation

To install, please refer to our step by step guide to installing with Astute Manager.

Color-coded Panels
Software Requirements

Mac OS
Illustrator CS6 to CC2019
macOS 10.10 to 10.14

Adobe Illustrator CS6 to CC2019
Windows 7/8/10

Example Artwork

All artwork was created using VectorScribe v3.

Click on thumbnail image, right, for detailed view!

14 reviews for VectorScribe v3

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brilliant! Excellent additions. Instant purchase.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sad that my Illustrator Version 5.5 can’t support the newest version of this, but happy that you guys made it. I have version 2 as well as other astute plug ins. Wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    • nick

      I agree it’s a pity that for practical reasons we can no longer support CS5. There are just too many CC releases to cater for now. However, I do thoroughly recommend that all those who do not yet wish o commit to the Creative Cloud, try to upgrade to CS6 – the last non-cloud version. Adobe made some major internal changes in CS6 which benefit the CC releases and ensure that their structure is closely related, allowing us to continue supporting for longer. It’s also more likely that Illustrator CS6 will remain compatible longer with future OS releases, although there can be no guarantee in this.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Part of my workflow every day. I appreciate these valuable additions to Illustrator!

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    New Dynamic Shape Tool’s issue
    Hi, very nice upgrade for VectorScribe, really appreciated thank’s! I also love very much the video tutorials also, very easy to understand. There are however issues regarding the Shape Tool. Regarding converting simple geometric shapes made with standard tools from Illustrator into so called ”live shapes”: most of the time, it doesn’t convert them at all? I’ve tried it with a simple star made from Illustrator and it would not be recognize by the shape panel? Nevertheless, it’s a definite improvement from the earlier version indeed to have more simple geometric shapes now available in that panel.

    • nick

      Thanks Robert for the feedback! This made us take a look and we now have a build that converts static starts into dynamic ones! This is likely to be released in VectorScribe v3.1 or before.

      For the record, here is what the Dynamic Shapes tool can convert from native or “static” to dynamic:

      1. Square (with or without round corners)
      2. Rectangle (with or without round corners)
      3. Regular polygon (with or without round corners)
      4. Star (with or without round corners) [see previous paragraph]
      5. Circle (any number of segments)
      6. Circular arc (any number of segments)
      7. Ellipse (4 segments only)
      8. Donut (4 segments only)
  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Good to work on this.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    i need the V2 to download ?
    is forcing update!

    • nick

      We’ve had you covered from day 1… please refer to this page.

  7. Rated 3 out of 5

    I’ve been relying on the Protractor tool in V2. What happened to it?

    • Lorna

      Hi John,

      With the release of VectorScribe v3, the Protractor panel was removed to aid clarity of our major toolset. It was then developed further and made into our new free plug-in DirectPrefs to benefit all. You can read more about the move here.

      DirectPrefs does not require any license key or product activation. Simply download our latest unified installer from your account page.

      When you run the latest installer, DirectPrefs will be one of the default plug-in installation options.
      Due to the lack of licensing for this plug-in, it will not be listed on your account page or the Astute Graphics Licensing Summary window (Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary)

      For instruction on installation, please refer to our guide for Installing and locating your Free DirectPrefs plug-in.

      I hope this helps, if there is anything else we can help you with please do contact us on

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    It’s a great plugin, but I’m really disappointed that I missed out on the upgrade discount. If I’d had known there was a time frame before the discount ended I’d have upgraded it straight away. I don’t feel comfortable spending £83 on vectorscibe again

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vectorscribe is the plug-in I always wanted but never knew I needed. The precision control over points and arcs as well as the smart extensions, removals, etc. has proved absolutely invaluable, both improving the quality of my work and dramatically reducing the time it takes to get results. A must buy.

  10. Rated 3 out of 5

    I agree with Matt on the timeframe for updates, I paid already twice for this v1 to v2. Now I have to pay full price again for v3. I understand that you guys have to make money to continue development but this just feels very unsympathetic towards your loyal customers. I own most of your collection of plugins and don’t like to be forced within a timeframe to update. Also would be nice from the unified installer if I could use my v2 license voor v2. Now illustrator becomes a hog to start with all the license warnings. Great plug-ins, unsympathetic upgrade path.

    • Lorna

      Hi Andre,
      We’re sorry to hear that our upgrading structure doesn’t work for you. As detailed on our Upgrades and Discounts and Licensing pages, we operate on a traditional perpetual license mechanism – not a cloud one which the vast majority of our clients have stated their disapproval of.
      If a customer already has the plug-in being upgraded then they are – for a period of time – given the opportunity to purchase the upgrade at a discounted fee.
      If you are not ready to upgrade or if you would like to access older installers and step by step advice on maintenance/reinstallation of any of the previous generation plug-ins, please refer to the Maintaining or Reinstalling Previous Generation Plug-ins page.

    • nick

      Thanks Andre for your feedback and Lorna for your response. Andre – an obvious alternative to our perpetual licensing is the subscription model. This would get around the classic paid-for upgrade cycle. If it was available for the entire Elite bundle (ie. all our plug-ins), what cost per month would you consider to maintain current and gain all new functionality/tools?

  11. Rated 1 out of 5

    I bought VectorScribe v2. Why should I pay full price for V3 again? nothing has changed just the plugin doesn’t work with CC 2018!

    • Lorna

      Hi Benjamin,
      Each plug-in license is a one time license however, inevitably as software changes over the years and newer technology becomes available, there are occasional upgrades to plug-ins.
      As detailed on our Upgrades and Discounts and Licensing pages, we operate on a traditional perpetual license mechanism – not a cloud one which the vast majority of our clients have stated their disapproval of.
      For future reference, the Upgrade section of our FAQ page may be of assistance.

  12. Rated 3 out of 5

    I too love this plug in, paid for it once, and now because I missed an email due to a time frame which I never got, am unable to upgrade at a discount and now have to think about upgrading or not at a full cost.

    Asked them to reconsider as I never read said email and their response was to check for social media promotions in the future whilst I am stuck with a version that doesn’t work for the CC version I have. Think this isn’t really nice. Think you should give this to your customers regardless of how long it takes.

    • Lorna

      Hi Marco,

      The upgrade from VectorScribe v2 to VectorScribe v3 brought a host of changes with the addition of both new and improved tools (read about those additions here). However, due to our current perpetual licensing mechanism, and the time and work put in by our engineers and training team in the development, it is necessary that we have a cost for major upgrades.

      Whilst we currently continue to operate on a traditional perpetual license mechanism (not a cloud one), with the major upgrade of DynamicSketch from v1 to v2 we amended our upgrade policy slightly. From that upgrade onwards, when the 1 month period for the introductory upgrade discount has passed, a smaller limitless upgrade discount is still available to existing customers afterwards. So while the VectorScribe v3 plug-in no longer has an upgrade discount available, all upgrade releases from June 2017 do.

      With the consideration of a subscription model in the future, we would be interested to receive feedback on the idea. For example, what would you consider a reasonable cost per month for maintenance of existing and new tools/functionality for the entire Elite Bundle? If you would like to provide suggestions for this, please do contact us.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Just Exellet!
    I have a question!
    Protractor Panel removed in new versions ?

    • Lorna

      With the release of VectorScribe v3, the Protractor panel was removed to aid clarity of our major toolset. It was then developed further and made into our new free plug-in DirectPrefs to benefit all. You can read more about the move here.

      DirectPrefs does not require any license key or product activation. Simply download our latest unified installer from your account page.

      When you run the latest installer, DirectPrefs will be one of the default plug-in installation options.
      Due to the lack of licensing for this plug-in, it will not be listed on your account page or the Astute Graphics Licensing Summary window (Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary)

      For instruction on installation, please refer to our guide for Installing and locating your Free DirectPrefs plug-in.

  14. Rated 4 out of 5

    Great plugin, I bought it for the smart remove feature and it works well in conjunction with the blob brush and eraser. However it is still (after all these years) missing a left-handed UI option in the preferences. I believe most (if not all) Astute plugins are missing this. Using this plugin on a Wacom Cintiq can be frustrating because the UI is only for righties and so my hand is constantly covering the tool tips. Please make this an option in prefs.

    • nick

      Thanks Matt for your feedback. Please get in contact with us to provide more details of which tool relating to the Smart Remove tech you’re referring and what info it’s obscuring for you 🙂

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