Do I have to pay VAT?

2 minute read • Last updated 2024-06-12

Astute Graphics is partnered with the billing provider and Merchant of Record: Paddle.

Paddle helps Astute Graphics collect and remit VAT (Value Added Tax) / Sales Tax where applicable.

Local VAT/sales tax charges may be applied to your annual plan fee if you reside in a country or state on this list.

Your payment and VAT receipt will be issued by Paddle who will be the Merchant of Record. You will see Paddle referenced on invoices/receipts, and your credit card statements will read:*ASTUTEGRAP.

Existing customers, if you have a VAT* (or any other form of sales tax) ID, or a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (US customers) then please email valid documentation to, so Paddle can arrange for sales tax to be deducted from all future billings. Please include reference to Astute Graphics and your customer account email address when sending your information.

If you already have a valid VAT/Sales tax ID saved in your Astute Graphics account, this will remain current, and you will not need to resubmit your information.

Customers making a new payment through the checkout can enter their VAT* / Sales Tax ID before completing payment.

*Note for UK VAT-registered customers: since Paddle is a UK company, you will need to claim back the VAT as part of your VAT return. Paddle's UK VAT ID is: GB150848114. This VAT registration information will also be provided on your receipt.