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We've created cheat sheets for 8 of our professional Illustrator plugins for you to get the most out of them and add new shortcuts to your workflow!

Work smarter, not harder.

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Cheat sheets

Using the Super Marquee Tool

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Snap objects together quickly in Illustrator

Snap objects together really quickly with the Snap to Collisions Tool... Read more »

Reduce file size and remove redundant points in Illustrator

As a designer you may have to work on Adobe Stock art, artwork by other... Read more »

Quick start guide to the Smart Remove Brush Tool in VectorScribe

In this quick tip tutorial we’re going to show you how to use the Smart... Read more »

How to download and use Brush Sets in Illustrator

One of the great benefits of working with the best designers and... Read more »

Edit static or dynamic paths in Illustrator

In this quick tip tutorial we are going to look at editing a static path... Read more »