Add Stipplism shading to your artwork

Add Stipplism shading to your artwork

2 minute read

In this quick tip tutorial we will look at how to add stipple shading to your artwork in Illustrator with the Stipplism plugin. Stipple shading can be a really effective tool for adding depth to your artwork. Stipplism allows you to add stipples, and even scale the dots based on a gradient. Stipplism also gives you the functionality of creating stipples based on symbols. Once you've created your stipple, expand it into a group of vectors, or leave it as a live effect to adjust later.

✈️ Create your shading shape and add a linear gradient.

✈️ Go to Effect > Stipplism > Stipple

✈️ Turn on the “Scale Dots By Tone” option

✈️ Change the output colour

✈️ Click OK

✈️ Open the Appearance Panel

✈️ Drag the Preview window of the object you just made onto the other shapes in your artboard to replicate the same appearance


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