We're Adobe Illustrator 2022 ready - are you?

We're Adobe Illustrator 2022 ready - are you?

2 minute read

Illustrator 2022 is now available with its new 3D rendering capabilities and more.

As always, Astute Graphics works flat-out to bring you compatibility updates as quickly as possible. This release is no exception; we already have all 21 plugins updated and ready for you via the Astute Manager!

All current subscribers can benefit today with these simple steps:

  1. Install the latest Illustrator 2022 (v26) via the Creative Cloud. We recommend that you do not copy settings across from previous versions of Illustrator and, just in case, you keep previous versions. Refer to Adobe documentation for details.

  2. In the Astute Manager, detect the newly installed version of Adobe Illustrator. See our support page Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

As outlined in the above support page, this simple two-step process (detecting the new Illustrator version and then installing all new plugins) is quick and easy!

This release has also brought some small improvements and fixes for all subscribers, regardless of which Creative Cloud version you're working on. Installing plugin updates for any version of Illustrator is also very quick and easy. See our support page Discovering and installing plugin updates

Legacy customers and grandfathered Annual Service Plan customers

The latest updates are available to all active subscribers. You can benefit from our continuous updates by simply re-subscribing via your Astute Graphics account page.

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