Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

3 minute read • Last updated 2020-04-03

If you have been using the Astute Manager to install and manage Astute Graphics plugins, and then Adobe brings out a new version of Illustrator, how do you install the plugins for it?

This support page details the process to ensure you remain up-to-date whilst having an active Annual Service Plan account.

Note: this process is applicable for all changes in the Creative Cloud-based Adobe Illustrator (excluding the very first v17.0, which was quickly replaced by v17.1 which is supported).

1. Ensure you are using the latest Astute Manager

It's always best to first ensure you have the latest Astute Manager. For further information on this process, refer to How to update your Astute Manager.

2. Detecting the latest Adobe Illustrator installation

Quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator and run the Astute Manager.

Click on the top-right menu icon... open the side menu. Next, click on Settings... reveal the Settings page.

Note that the versions of Illustrator listed may differ for you.

Click on the DETECT NEW Ai button (highlighted below). If you have numerous versions of Adobe Illustrator already detected, you may need to scroll down to see the button.

The RESET ALL Ai button is also an option. This method ignores any previous manual changes you have made to the automatic Illustrator installation detection.

Depending on whether you chose to detect new or reset all, a confirmation message should be displayed momentarily:

Next, click on the SAVE button:

Once more, this action should be momentarily confirmed.

Click on the HOME button:

Depending on whether new plugin versions are available (which is likely to be the case with new releases of Adobe Illustrator), you will have the option to Update Plugins. Click on this button, highlighted below:

You should see progress bars appear sequentially on all plugins:

Again depending on the availability of new plugins and the addition of new versions of Adobe Illustrator, you may have the option to Install All as highlighted below. This will start the process of adding all instances of each plugin to newly detected or added installations of Adobe Illustrator.

Following this, you will again see progress bars show how the installation is going.

Once completed, you can restart the new installation of Adobe Illustrator and the plugins should appear.

3. Trouble-shooting

Always ensure that you quit Illustrator before beginning the plugin installation process.

If you find that there is a mixed set of installations and the Install All option in not visible in the last stages, try Uninstall All from the top-level drop-down menu as shown below.

Let the uninstall progress take place.

Quit Astute Manager.

Restart Astute Manager.

You should now have the option to Install All once more.


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