Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

2 minute read • Last updated 2023-06-02

Please ensure you have updated to Astute Manager v3 before proceeding. If the Astute Manager window is asking you to upgrade to version 3, you are still on version 2.

Every time you load the application, it will automatically detect and add any new major versions of Adobe Illustrator (eg. CC2019, CC2021, 2022). Therefore, a quick approach to adding a new version of Illustrator to the Astute Manager so that it offers management of plugins for this version, is to quit and restart the application.

Alternatively, click on the down facing arrow in the top right of the window, then click on “Settings”:

In the Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Detect Installed Adobe Illustrator Versions button:

All versions installed on your computer should now have its associated plugin folder location listed above.

If all appears to be correct, click the Save Custom Settings button.

When returning to the main Plugins page (top left menu), you will now be able to target the newly detected version of Illustrator for plugin installations and updates:

For further information on managing your Astute Manager settings, please read the Settings in Astute Manager page.