I updated to Astute Manager 3.7 and my plugins aren't working

3 minute read • Last updated 2023-11-09

When updating the Astute Manager for 2024, all customers are required to manually update to v3.7 of the Astute Manager which is available now.

Our Guide to updating the Astute Manager for 2024 will help you get up and running in 2024. And the guidance below will help you should you experience any problems.

  • If you are experiencing problems, the first thing to check would be that you quit Adobe Illustrator before doing the update. If you didn't, quit it now and also quit the Astute Manager. Then re-open the Astute Manager and uninstall and then reinstall the plugins.

  • If the Astute Manager doesn't see Illustrator 2024 after you install it using the Creative Cloud, please see - Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

  • If you are seeing an AG Core plugin warning, please see - I am seeing an AG Core Plugin Warning and my plugins are not working. What do I do?

  • If you are seeing a Host application not configured... error when trying to update, please see - Resetting the Astute Manager

  • If you have Illustrator installed but the Astute Manager is not recognising it, please ensure that you do not have Illustrator installed on an external drive. Illustrator should never be installed on an external drive and doing so will cause problems.

  • If one or more of your plugins are missing despite a successful update. It's possible that you have a beta or preview version of Illustrator installed on your machine, in this case the installer will place the plugin in that version's folder. To resolve this, open your Astute Manager and, in settings, check that the installer is pointing in the right direction: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator 2024\Plug-ins
    Note that you can type the address or navigate to your drive (if necessary). This issue occurs due to the way Adobe internally names beta versions.

If after reading the above you are still experiencing problems, please Contact Support and one of the team will be happy to help you.