I'm having problems installing, what should I do?

3 minute read • Last updated 2022-10-12

If you are seeing a "Licensing Inactive" warning in Illustrator, please see Why am I seeing "License is inactive" in Illustrator?

You must quit illustrator before beginning installation.

If you have followed our step by step guide to installing but are experiencing problems, please check that your internet connection was stable throughout installation as uninterrupted internet connection is necessary to successfully install with Astute Manager.

If you have installed using the Astute Manager and you have recently moved to a newer version of Illustrator, please ensure that you look for new instances of Ai in the settings panel of Astute Manager. Advice on this here.

We also advise deleting and removing all traces of Astute Graphics legacy licenses and any previous Astute Managers before downloading.

If you're on the latest version of Illustrator and you think the plugin may have installed, but you do not see the Astute Graphics tools in the Illustrator toolbar, please ensure that you are using the advanced toolbar by selecting Window > Toolbars > Advanced.

If after checking the above then to enable us to more accurately understand the issue and to help us resolve it for you, please contact us providing as much of the following information as possible:

  • Full description of operation taking place and resulting issue including any error messages

  • Some screenshots or a screencast video showing the issue

  • The email address that you’re attempting to log in with

  • If using a Mac, do you have admin rights to your Mac user account?

  • Your operating System (including point release)

  • Your version of Illustrator (including point release)

  • Hardware Description (RAM, GPU, etc.)

  • Is a particular version of the plugin(s) causing issues?

  • Is it in Trial Mode or Fully Licensed?

This will then be marked for the attention of our technical advisors, one of whom will investigate and reply to you as quickly as possible. We normally aim for a 2 working day response time (it may take a little longer for technical enquiries or at busy times) but we will always endeavour to get a reply and solution to you as quickly as possible.