July 2021 improvements

July 2021 improvements

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Astute Graphics has announced that all its plugins are now native for Apple M1 (see separate post). But that is not all on offer in July! We have added some smaller, but important touches based on customer feedback over the past month. These include...

ColliderScribe v3.7.0

SuperMarquee now offers Boolean mode keypresses, allowing selections to be added or subtracted from existing selections. Simply use the Shift key when dragging our a new selection marquee to flip the selection state within the bounds of the marquee.

Reform v1.1.0

  • On-the-fly switching between the three Reform modes when first dragging out a reshape.

  • Optionally, create a path segment that is just the reformed portion of the original shape. Simply hold down Option/Alt when pressing the panel’s Apply button or hitting the Enter/Return key.

The second change is demonstrated in this new, short video:

VectorScribe v4.7.0

Option/Alt-clicking on PathScribe's Move Points to Tangencies panel button now adds tangency points instead.

VectorFirstAid v3.8.0

A new Remove Opacity Masks panel fly-out menu item removes all opacity masks from selected art.

All plugins

  • Plugin web links ("Help", "Learn", etc.) have been simplified.

  • Artistic new "About" windows.

For all changes, please visit our technical updates page.

How to install updates

Updating your plugins is very easy using the Astute Manager. For instructions, please visit our support page.

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