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Speed the process up – draw more naturally and intuitively in vector.

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Intuitive Vector Sketching

Intuitive sketching of vector paths | Repeat Sketch | Edit + continue + trim + intersect paths | Dynamic stroke smoothness + accuracy | Variable stroke width | Auto straight lines + circles | Adjust corner and smooth points | Create points at tangencies

Specifically designed to replace the pencil tool for the inital sketching process. Forget remembering fiddly Illustrator workarounds and shortcuts that interupt and slow the creative process. Simply use the DynamicSketch Tool and panel to sketch and edit intuitively whilst retaining technical complexity required to produce work of a professional standard.


Dynamic Sketch tool's repeat sketch mode allowing profiles to be refined naturally

Repeat Sketch Mode

Sketch repeatedly like you would with a pencil to get your required result – DynamicSketch will "average out" your strokes until you achieve the effect you like. There is an option to view all the traces or just the final result.

Gesture trimming as part of the Dynamic Sketch tool allowing for quick and easy cutting and joining of paths

Editing and Trimming

Want to refine your work? Simply sketch over portions of any existing path or shape. You can also continue drawing from where you left off.

Draw easily by intuitively removing unwanted parts of a path. This takes just one strike of your mouse or pen. It's as easy as pen to paper!

Drawing instant circles using the Dynamic Sketch tool

Intelligent Joining

Automatically joins intersecting paths, allowing shapes to be constructed quickly and easily.

Instant Circles

Sketch in a rough circular motion and instantly get a perfect circle in seconds! Draw circles with ease to your heart's content!

Smoothness and accuracy controls in Dynamic Sketch tool

Dynamic Adjustment of Smoothness and Accuracy

Draw a path or a shape and change it dynamically afterwards on a sliding scale for accuracy or smoothness. You can literally smooth out and minutely adjust your sketches within moments!

Example Artwork

The artwork above was created using DynamicSketch.

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DynamicSketch Tool Functionality

  • Dynamic results allow for accuracy and smoothness adjustments post-creation
  • Edit or continue dynamic or static paths
  • Repeat Sketch mode
  • Intelligent join
  • Gesture trim
  • Variable stroke widths (Illustrator CS5+) with extensive speed/pressure/other control options
  • Extensive customisation through preferences

Using our plug-ins

Color-coded Panels
Installation, Licensing & Activation
Software Requirements

Mac OS
Illustrator CC and CS6
Mac OS 10.7+

Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6
Windows 7/8/10

Example Artwork

Example Artwork

The artwork on the right was created with the DynamicSketch plug-in.

Download Artwork

Download all our sample artwork source files and have a look at them in Adobe Illustrator.
Download Artwork

5 reviews for DynamicSketch

  1. 5 out of 5


    The pencil/brush tool on steroids! Another must have for any serious drawing in Illustrator!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I like so much drawing with new pencil.

  3. 5 out of 5



  4. 2 out of 5


    Actually working a while with this Dynamic Scetch plugin, now, it didn’t get better results as the standard drawing tool (which is quite a mess)!
    Accurracy is dynamic, but not better that standard. E.g. writing gets smoothed much to much and there is no chance to get a higher tesselation of the path then with standard tool. Editing a path may be quite frustrating as it is with the standard tool, too. So absolutely no advantage in a professional workflow. Wouldn’t buy it again.

    • nick


      Hi Stefan – sorry you haven’t been getting the results you were seeking. The full 14 day trial is recommended on all tools as there are so many specific requirements and workflows in all aspects of design. In the history of our product, we’ve only had one other customer commenting along the same line.

      However the fundamental functionality is likely to remain as-is to satisfy the majority. The dynamic aspect, minimal and logical point placement, gesture trimming, etc. are already an essential aspect of many designers the world over.

      Thank you for your feedback and support.

  5. 5 out of 5


    A great tool that makes working on my projects easier, faster and produces cleaner results.

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