What is Astui?

1 minute read • Last updated 2020-12-22

Astui is a subscription service brought to you by Astute Graphics. The service offers Design tools for XD, Sketch and Illustrator including Smart Point Removal and Move Points to Tangencies, Off-Set Path, Rounded Corners, Brush Sets and Variable Width Strokes Tools. You can also clean paths clean paths and process and optimise SVG Vectors in Dropbox.

The Astui subscription service provides this technology simply and effectively through a public web API. Each subscriber is able to generate a unique token (or "key") to validate each request, SVG vector paths are then sent to the service, a request is made for a particular change, and the altered SVG path is then returned.

You can trial this service for free for 14 days, after which there is a monthly charge. You won’t be asked for card details until the trial is over, you then have the choice to sign up to a monthly payment if you so wish.
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