What is Astui?

2 minute read • Last updated 2022-06-29

Astui was a subscription service brought to you by Astute Graphics. The service offered Design tools for XD, Sketch and Illustrator including Smart Point Removal and Move Points to Tangencies, Off-Set Path, Rounded Corners, Brush Sets and Variable Width Strokes Tools. You could also clean paths and process and optimize SVG Vectors in Dropbox.

It is no longer possible to sign-up to Astui as the service was withdrawn on March 10 2021. This decision was made due to the functionality of the Offset and Block Shadow tools now being present and enhanced within our Astute Graphics subscription.

We are assessing the best route by which the Astui online SVG service and API can make a return to public availability. We would be interested to hear from potential users and licensees of this technology via our contact form.