Team Licensing - Training Available

4 minute read • Last updated 2024-06-12

For 20 or more licenses, an optional complimentary hour of 1:1 training is available (with longer for 40+ or 100+ licenses).

20 or more licenses

1 hour free 1:1 online consultation.

The client's key workflow is demonstrated and discussed. The Astute Graphics tools with the greatest initial potential for workflow enhancement (time/cost saving or creative boost) will be highlighted. Following the meeting, the client will be able to discover the tools in much greater depth with a wealth of public videos, including professional workflow demonstrations.

40 or more licenses

1 additional hour of tailored, online training.

Based on the client workflow and requirements set out in the initial 1:1 online consultation, a fully tailored online training session will be devised and presented. Presented through GotoWebinar, it is possible to accommodate all intended users up to the maximum of 200 simultaneously. The session will be recorded and made available to the client thereafter.

100 or more licenses

3 additional hours of tailored, online training.

As per above, but a total of 3 hours of prepared and custom training will be offered in one hour sessions. Each session will be recorded and made available to the client thereafter.

For additional hours or for teams of less than 20

Please enquire about the custom 1:1 or group training available at an extra cost, providing us with the hours required and the details of your industry.

Note: all 1:1 and additional training is delivered through GotoMeeting or GotoWebinar. These systems require freely-available software to be pre-installed.

Training for all

AG Docs expands on our existing learning material to bring connectivity between the Astute Graphics plugins, Adobe Illustrator and our Astute Manager! This feature enables all active subscription customers to search, explore, and quickly discover where key functions can be found. And most importantly, it enables downloading as a PDF! To gain access to this learning feature, simply ensure that your Astute Manager is updated to at least v3.8. You can read more about it here.

We also offer a range of Tutorial Videos for each of our plugins and these can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • You can access them all directly over on our Youtube channel.

  • You can also access the videos from our website. Simply scroll to the bottom of our learn page.

  • When in Illustrator, look at the coloured bar at the top of each plugin panel, here you will find a menu option on the right-hand side and Tutorial Video is the third option down. You can also find them in Illustrator by going to Help > Astute Graphics > [Product name] > Tutorial videos.

  • In Astute Manager – if the plugin is installed, up-to-date and activated, you can click on the 3 dots next to the plugin to find the Learn button. The Learn button provides quick access to the associated plugin training material hosted on this website.

In addition to these video tutorials, we regularly publish written tutorials and regularly host webinars, with a new series of this for 2020.

You can also find coverage of our plugins on LinkedIn Learning and SkillShare (both require a trial period or paid subscription to fully access).