Technical Updates

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Minor updates - 17 Dec 2019

Phantasm v5.0.3
Texturino v2.0.4
VectorScribe v4.0.7
  • New feature: The Dynamic Shapes panel now includes the menu item Duplicate Shape and Reverse Slice, which, when chosen with a sliced shape selected, makes a copy of the shape and reverses the slice in one step.
  • New shortcuts: Option/Alt-clicking on the Dynamic Shapes start slice angle panel icon, reverses a slice. Shift+Option/Alt-clicking on the same icon duplicates the shape and reverses the slice.
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  • Improvement: When dragging a Dynamic Shape slice by its handle, the cursor now snaps to the slices of other shapes.
  • New feature: When dragging a handle with the PathScribe tool, the L key may now be pressed to constrain the length of the handle to its original value.
    Watch video overview of this new feature on YouTube
  • New feature: The PathScribe panel now includes the actionable menu item Close Path (Smooth Curve), which closes an open path by making the curve between the endpoints smooth (similar to the SubScribe plugin's Connect tool).
  • Improvement: The PathScribe panel's Add Points at Tangencies / Move Points to Tangencies and related menu items are now actionable.
  • Bug fix: PathScribe's ghost handle annotations are now slightly thicker, to match InkScribe's.
  • Bug fix: When dragging a Dynamic Shapes slice with the Option/Alt key held down, and slice linking was previously set in the panel, the cursor annotation now correctly states that the slices will be unlinked.
VectorFirstAid v3.0.3
  • Bug fix: Objects with no stroke and a Freeform Gradient fill are no longer erroneously considered to be "unpainted".
AstuteBuddy v1.0.1
  • Include support for VectorScribe v4.0.7

Release of AstuteBuddy - 28 Nov 2019

AstuteBuddy v1.0.0
  • New plugin: Learn how to instantly access a large number of shortcuts present in Astute Graphics tools!
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ColliderScribe v3.0.4
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
  • Improvement: When using the Snap to Collisions Tool, pressing the D key will toggle snapping only to the dragged path (i.e., the path under the cursor).
DynamicSketch v3.0.5
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
FindReplace v1.0.1
  • Bug fix: The panel is now correctly updated after being expanded.
  • Bug fix: Certain symbols partially on the current artboard are now correctly found when searching there.
InkScribe v2.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
MirrorMe v2.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
Stylism v2.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
SubScribe v3.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
  • Improvement: Better annotations when using Perpendicular Line or Tangent Line Tools with "Ignore First Path" function.
  • Bug fix: The Orient Transform Tool's Flip Orientation function now works as expected.
  • Bug fix: The Quick Orient Tool now correctly aborts the operation when the Esc key is pressed.
Texturino v2.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
VectorScribe v4.0.6
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.
WidthScribe v3.0.3
  • Compatible with AstuteBuddy.