Technical Updates

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Minor updates - 13 Nov 2019

DynamicSketch v3.0.4
  • New preference: Match VSW at Ends ensures that drawn closed paths with variable stroke widths do not show a discontinuity in width at the join point.
    Watch video overview of this new feature on YouTube
  • Improvement: The preferences dialog now has a live info system for each control.
VectorScribe v4.0.5
  • Improvement: Transform Again is now supported for Dynamic Shapes after moving, scaling, or rotating a shape.
  • Improvement: When editing a Dynamic Shape, the D key may be pressed to enable duplication (formerly only available with Option/Alt when dragging a shape).
  • Improvement: The Esc key may be now be pressed when dragging with the Reposition Point Tool to cancel the operation.
  • Improvement: Clearer annotation when Command/Ctrl-rotating a standard Dynamic Shape.

New Plugin FindReplace - 01 Nov 2019

FindReplace v1.0.0
  • Search across fifteen art types in four location types
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  • Narrow results by specifying multiple, independent parameters that must all match
  • Save and recall frequently-used searches
  • Maintain search history across Illustrator restarts
  • Perform different operations on matched art (highlight, select, delete, hide, replace)
  • Replace matched art using flexible placement and transformation options
  • Achieve naturalistic results by specifying random selection of replacement art