Technical Updates

WidthScribe v3.4.2 update - 22 Mar 2021

WidthScribe v3.4.2
  • Bug fix: WidthScribe no longer crashes on Mac if the top object in a multiple selection is of plugin art type and managed by a plugin which is not installed.

InkFlow ink simulations - 09 Mar 2021

InkFlow v2.0.0
VectorScribe v4.5.2
  • Improvement: Dynamic Shapes now recognizes more circle-like paths when in non-Strict mode.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash when recognizing certain paths as Dynamic Shapes.
  • Bug fix: Dynamic Measure now displays path areas correctly when the units are set to picas.
  • Bug fix: The Extend Path tool no longer improperly extends multiple paths in bezier extension mode if the path under the cursor is curved but some of the other paths are straight.