Technical Updates

Texturino download file size reduction - 15 Apr 2020

Texturino v2.0.7

Release of AG Block Shadow Tool - 06 Apr 2020

Stylism v2.2.0
AstuteBuddy v1.0.4
  • Include support for Stylism's AG Block Shadow tool.
DynamicSketch v3.0.6
  • Bug fix: trimming sections of open paths with out-facing handles no longer inadvertently creates loops when auto-joining.
FindReplace v1.0.5
  • Added support for Stylism's AG Block Shadow live effect.
  • Bug fix: Clicking the panel color chip containing a spot color which does not exist in the current document no longer causes a crash.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash involving performing a Path search, closing the FindArt panel and the current document, and then opening a new document with a different color model than the previous.
Stipplism v2.0.3
  • Bug fix: When the Preview checkbox is ticked, the dot count will no longer show erroneous values in certain circumstances.
SubScribe v3.0.5
  • Bug fix: The Lock Unlock tool no longer inappropriately locks a subpath of a compound path.
Texturino v2.0.6
  • Bug fix: Adding a texture to a stroke that has an Outline Stroke live effect applied to it now works correctly.