Technical Updates

Release of AG Offset Tool - 05 Mar 2020

Stylism v2.1.1
AstuteBuddy v1.0.2
  • Include support for Stylism's AG Offset tool.
FindReplace v1.0.3
  • Support added for Stylism's AG Offset Live Effect.
  • Bug fix: Saved searches specifying live effect attributes are now correctly recalled.
VectorScribe v4.0.9
  • Improvement: When hovering with the Dynamic Corners tool to add or recognize a corner, selected paths are now considered before unselected ones.

Minor updates - 19 Feb 2020

SubScribe v3.0.4
FindReplace v1.0.2
  • New feature: You may now randomly affect only a portion of the matching art when using the Select, Add to Selection, Remove from Selection, and Delete buttons (hold down Option/Alt when clicking).
    Watch video overview of this new feature on YouTube
  • Improvement: There is now a preference for whether selection changes using the FindReplace panel are undoable operations or not.
VectorFirstAid v3.0.4
  • New feature: Using the VectorFirstAid preferences dialog, you can now specify subsets of fonts to use when Unoutlining Text, making the operation faster and avoiding possible problems when two fonts contain a glyph with the same transformable geometry.
    Watch video overview of this new feature on YouTube
  • Improvement: When Removing Text Transforms, you can now reset or normalize the horizontal scaling of the text.
VectorScribe v4.0.8
  • Improvement: When two anchor points are selected, and their distance is being displayed at the top of the PathScribe panel, you can now Option/Alt-click on the information line to copy that distance value to the clipboard.
    Watch video overview of this new feature on YouTube
  • Bug fix: The U key shortcut to temporarily disable Smart Guides when using the Extend Path tool now works correctly.