Technical Updates

Minor updates - 03 Oct 2019

DynamicSketch v3.0.1
  • Improvement: Retain Existing VSW preference added. When New Paths Have Basic Appearance is disabled (see Appearance panel > flyout menu), the DynamicSketch panel input type is set to None, and the default new path style has a variable width stroke, that stroke profile is now maintained when sketching a new path and can be previewed while drawing it. The resulting path will no longer be dynamic.
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VectorScribe v4.0.2
DirectPrefs v1.1.0
  • Bug fix: The panel is no longer shown each time Illustrator is launched or a new document is opened.

Minor updates - 25 Sep 2019

ColliderScribe v3.0.1
  • New feature: Space Fill now includes a Vary Opacity function, with minimum and maximum amounts.
  • New feature: Space Fill’s Vary Rotation function can now be controlled with a variation amount parameter.
  • Improvement: The Add Points at Collisions function (pressing the A key with the mouse held down) is now controlled with a preference.
  • Improvement: The preferences dialog now has a live info system for each control.
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VectorScribe v4.0.1
  • New feature: When two anchor points are selected, the PathScribe panel now shows the distance between them at the top of the panel. Additionally, if they are not coincident (of the same position), a small button appears which allows their positions to be averaged, making them coincident.
    Watch video overview of changes on YouTube