How do I get the Free Plugins?

1 minute read • Last updated 2023-02-14

When you sign up for the Free Trial and download the installer, you will receive 4 plugins for free; MirrorMeDirectPrefs, AstuteBuddy and Autosaviour.

Simply quit Illustrator then download the installer from the Downloads page of your account. Your trial will last for 7 days after downloading, but you will get to keep these 4 free plugins after the trial has ended.

If you decide to purchase the subscription after the 7 day trial has ended, you can do so in the safe knowledge that you have a further 7 days to request and receive a refund, no questions asked.

We're proud to say that our plugins pay for themselves after 3 days and we're certain you won't be disappointed, but whatever your decision, you get to keep those 4 free plugins.