My trial has ended, what next?

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-08-03

When you log into the new site for the first time or request a trial, the system assumes you have downloaded it and so the dashboard may be out of sync with the actual length of the trial if you installed it after requesting the email. The true amount of time left in your trial is that which shows in the manager when you download it.

Your Free Trial will last for 14 days from the day you download the installer.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible for us to re-set or extend the trial period of our plugins. This means that if you needed to trial for longer, the only way to trial again is by using another computer. If you do have access to another computer then by all means, please do feel free to run the trial again.


Continuing to use the plugins after the trial has ended.
If your trial has ended, you will now need to purchase the Annual Service Plan if you wish to continue using the plugins. To purchase, please go here and click on Buy Now.

Although the payment covers 1 year, you’re under no obligation to automatically renew the following year. In your account you can click on the ‘Cancel Service Plan’ to cancel automatic renewal.

With the Annual Service Plan, you receive ALL 19 plugins for $119 USD, and for 1 year all the plugins are automatically updated and upgraded to newer versions, plus you also receive any entirely new plugin releases from us. This means that when that year comes to an end, all of your plugins will be entirely up to date, you’ll have the latest versions of everything.

If you don’t renew at the end of that year, you’ll stop receiving minor updates and you’ll also stop receiving upgrades to the latest versions and access to new releases. You will still be able to use, install and reinstall the plugins you have received on that year’s plan, but eventually as newer versions become available you may find that you want to upgrade again for compatibility with newer versions of Illustrator and MacOS etc.

If you wish to uninstall the plugins, please see our step-by-step guidance on uninstalling.


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