My trial has ended, what next?

1 minute read • Last updated 2020-12-22

Your Free Trial will last for 7 days and it begins as soon as you download the installer.


Continuing to use the plugins after the trial has ended.
When your trial ends, you will retain access to the 4 free plugins. If you wish to continue using all of the other plugins, you will now need to purchase the subscription. To purchase, please go here and click on Buy now (or Apply now if you are a business requiring Team Licensing).

Although the payment covers 1 year, you’re under no obligation to automatically renew the following year. In the Billing section of your account you can click on the ‘Cancel renewal’ button to cancel automatic renewal.

 With the subscription, you receive ALL 19 plugins for $119 USD, and for 1 year all the plugins are automatically updated and upgraded to newer versions, plus you also receive any entirely new plugins released during that period. When that year ends, the subscription will require renewing to continue using the plugins.

If you wish to uninstall the plugins, please see our step-by-step guidance on uninstalling.


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