Deactivate and uninstall in Astute Manager

1 minute read • Last updated 2019-10-18

You may wish to deactivate your machine if you wish to:

  • Transfer your license activation to another computer
  • You sell or otherwise will lose access to a computer
  • Have been requested to do so by Astute Graphics as part of a support case

With the Annual Service Plan, there is a single Deactivate option, accessible via the top menu pull-down menu:

Ensure you quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator prior to deactivating.

Remember to restart Illustrator following either change.

To uninstall the actual Astute Manager

On a MAC:

  • Go to the Applications Folder >
  • Astute Manager >
  • Drag Astute Manager to the Trash >

On Windows:
Simply use the standard Add/Remove program system as described by Microsoft.
Please ensure you have first quit Illustrator before deleting.

For more information, or if you're still using our older Unified Installer and are not yet on our Annual Service Plan, please see here for guidance on deactivating or uninstalling.


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