How to setup Astute Manager on macOS

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-09-04

Click here for instructions on how to install for Windows.

1. Download Astute Manager (macOS)

Download for macOS 10.10+ »

2. Open download

Locate the download in the Finder and double-click on the Astute Manager.dmg file to open.

If macOS asks you're sure you want to open an app downloaded from the internet, click Open to continue.

3. Install

With the DMG file opened, drag the Astute Manager icon from the left-side of the window and drop it over to the Applications folder icon on the right.

4. Start

Locate Astute Manager in your Applications folder and double-click to start it.

5. Authorize

Upon first running a new installation of the Astute Manager, macOS will ask you to authorize the installation of the software.

Enter your macOS account login username and password as prompted, then click on the Install Helper button.

6. Locate

Once installed and run, you can locate the Astute Manager on the right of the macOS top bar as highlighted below.

7. Login

The Astute Manager window will automatically open requesting your Astute Graphics account email and password. Enter your email and password, then click on the Sign in button.


Upon successfully entering your Astute Graphics email and password, you will be presented with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Read the terms, and if in agreement, click on the I agree button.

9. Install Plugins

Please refer to Plugin management options in Astute Manager


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