Plugin management options in Astute Manager

3 minute read • Last updated 2021-05-10

Please ensure you have updated to Astute Manager v2 before proceeding. An easy way to tell the difference is that v2 operates in a larger window, whilst v1 was constrained to a smaller, vertical window locked to the top right of the screen.

The Astute Manager gives complete control over your Illustrator plugins. It allows you to install, update, learn more about the plugins and uninstall. The following section describes the different operations on offer.

Note that as of 3 September 2020 with the introduction of Astute Manager v2, your 7-day trial starts at the point of creating an account, not when installing your plugins.
There is no longer any need to consider activation or deactivation on your machines as logging into or out of the Astute Manager performs that task. If you want to entirely uninstall your plugins from your system, please refer to this page.


Before attempting to make changes to your plugin installations, you first need to quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator. Do not attempt to restart Illustrator while the Astute Manager is displaying its lower progress bar.

First-time user or "clean installation"

When first presented with the Astute Manager and prior to installing any plugins, you will see a window similar to this:

When installing, updating or uninstalling plugins, you are operating on a single installed version of Adobe Illustrator. The highlighted pull-down menu, above, determines which version you're modifying.

Once you have selected the version of Illustrator you wish to modify, the simplest option is to Install All. Clicking on this will start the download and installation process. A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the Astute Manager window.

Alternatively, if you only want to install select plugins, such as the free ones, use the appropriate individual Install buttons.

When updates are available

If you have previously installed plugins and updates become available, you may see something similar to:

In this example, there are both new installations and updates.

You can update plugins individually by clicking on each Update to vX.X.X button.

Alternatively, to update all plugins for the currently managed version of Adobe Illustrator, navigate to the Updates page by clicking on the menu entry in the left-hand menu:

From here, it's possible to see what each update provides and access the Update All button.

Please note that if you have more than one version of Ai installed, you'll need to update your plugins for each version...

Additional options

Each plugin entry in the Plugins page shows a "" menu icon.

Click on this to access the additional options specific to that plugin; Learn more (information about that plugin) and Uninstall.

Uninstall all plugins

You can uninstall all plugins for the currently managed version of Illustrator by using the installation button "" menu icon:

Special note about free plugins

AstuteBuddy, Autosaviour, DirectPrefs and MirrorMe are all free plugins. You can install and benefit from these straight away without need to join the subscription.